KT3.x Pcap touch platform Driver+Sensor

KT6738 is an enhanced analog front end circuit for multi-touch capacitive panel with a maximum resolution of 64 senses (CS) by 40 HV drives (CD) that is fully programmable. High sensitivity of sensing channels allow to sense small diamond size down to 2mm and thus it is suitable for pen detection on panels.

Data acquisition (DAQ) consists into a charge sense amplifier (CSA) followed a 12-bit AD converter (ADC). CD driver is includes several line excitation sequences that can be programmed to improve noise rejection. The minimum conversion period is 16μs.

Data output are provided through SPI interface with 4-bit bus width. KT6738 includes also a power management that consists into a 1.8V regulator for the logic part.

KT6738 is intended to be used in large size application in the package of  LQFP 128 with the KT6738 as a controller followed by 4 x KT6738 in order to support up to 256 by 160 resolution.


Sensing & Driving

Sense channel: (CS)

  •    Up to 64 channels select table individually
  •    Power supply 3.3V or 5V
  •    ADC

            ADC 12 bits resolution

            Minimum line time of 16μs

  •    Power consumption per active channel: typ. 215uA/slice

Capacitor driver (CD)

  •    Up to 40 channels
  •    Minimum line time of 16µs
  •    Power supply

             VCDP= 10~32V,


  •    4-bit SPI output data interface
  •    VIO 2.7V~3.6V
  •    Max input frequency: 16MHzData Processing

Package type: LQFP128