KT1.3 Hi-Integrated PCT SoC Controller 64X45

KT9025 is Touch Controller with an enhanced analog front end (AFE) and digital front end (DFE) circuit including a HV charge driver on multi-touch capacitive panels. It has a maximum resolution of 64 senses (CS) and 45 drives (CD). High sensitivity of sensing channels allows to sense small diamond size and thus it is suitable for touch detection on panels.

Data acquisition (DAQ) consists into a charge sense amplifier (CSA) followed by AD converter (ADC). CD is unipolar and includes several line excitation sequences that can be programmed to improve noise rejection. The minimum conversion period is 16µs.


Touch controller + AFE & DEF with Hi-V Drive for Touch  Input

Support CD x 45 Channel,  CS x 64 channel


  •   32-bit CPU with timer and interrupt handling
  •   4KB instruction and 4KB data cache
  •   32KB ROM
  •   128KB SRAM
  •   Operation speed up to 192MHz

Host interface

  •   USB full speed device interface with integrated XTAL and LPM-L1
  •   I2C slave interface (max. 400KHz)
  •   SPI slave Interface (max. SPI clock 16MHz)

Sensing channels

  •   64  Channels select table individually
  •   8-bit ADC
  •   Support 1/2/4 burst
  •   Flexible programmable timing in each burst (init time, integration time, ADC time)


  •   Programmable gain
  •   Signal processing
  •   Programmable  scan  line  input sequence
  •   Image normalization
  •   2nd order IIR low-pass filter with 2 poles and 2 zeros (-40dB/decade)
  •   Image averaging
  •   Whitening filter
  •   Threshold
  •   Search of region (touch and water zones)

CD timing controller

  •   1/2/4 burst per line
  •   Selective and scramble scan
  •   Automatic scan until touch detection

UART interface

Embedded XTAL for USB device controller

Internal oscillator (max. ~394MHz)

Support Windows Home-Key touch detection

Built-in  with SPI flash for firmware

Supply voltage

  •   Core supply: 1.62 ~ 1.98V
  •   IO supply : 1.8-3.6V
  •   Analog supply voltage: 3.0-3.6V

Power consumption

  •   Sleep mode (internal OSC off): see Table 6.5
  •   Idle mode @ 30Hz scan rate:  see Table 6.5
  •   Full active mode (continuous refresh of 10 touch with refresh time): see Table 6.5

Package type : BGA156


  •   HBM: ±3kV
  •   MM:  ±300V
  •   CDM: ±500V