KT2.x Pcap touch platform sensor

KASA's KT System (128 or 256 SENSING CH RDK) consists of two or four analog sense interface IC KT6737. The system allows cascaded configuration, thus supporting various touch screen applications depending on the customer requirements. A typical application with two or four analog sense devices and one or two drive IC can support up to 208 or  416 channels (X+Y = 128+80 or 256+160=416).


The KT6737 is a high-precision capacitive analog sense interface IC featuring up to 64 sensing channels with a high flexibility of the channel’s configuration. The 128 SENSING CH RDK allows high-speed scan rates up to 200Hz with multiple fingers capabilities (10+). This unique feature enables the magnificent feeling of real time processing of multiple users fingers and fast interactivity with large size touch displays.


Through a proprietary high-speed communication protocol, the data are transmitted to the KT9006 controller over a four wires serial data bus and stored into the frame buffer memory. The data processing, touch detection and tracking are handled by the embedded KT Processing unit. The cascaded function is directly managed by the controller through the communication interface.


Sensing ICs Features

64 Sensing channels

AD 16 bits resolution

Sensing sensitivity 0.1pF


Power Supplies

Analog sense power supply AVDD = 5V

I/O power supply: VIO = 3.3V